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Sonne Flash Decompiler 5.2

A program for extracting various components from flash files
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Sonne Flash Decompiler is a program for extracting and restoring the various components of a flash file. Sometimes you need to modify a flash file you have created, or you want to use elements from a flash file you found on the Internet. This program allows you to decompile flash files and to save their elements separately, such as dynamic text, images, sounds, frames, buttons, sprites, and shapes, in order to reuse or modify them. Sonne Flash Decompiler is also capable of converting SWF flash files into EXE, and editing SWF movies.

Once you select an SWF file from any of your drives, the program will analyze it, and will show you the list of all the components found. You will be able to click on every element in order to preview it. You will also see all the information about that element below the preview window. You can then select the elements you want to save for later use, and the program will export them to your drive in the format of your choice.

The unregistered version of Sonne Flash Decompiler does not allow to export all the components in an SWF file at once, but you can always perform a partial export.

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  • It is a good way to recover SWF components that you do not have anymore


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